Community Room

Building an Authentic Gaming Community

EGLX presents, “The Community Room”, a friendly, open space for gaming community groups to set up an informational table
and provide awareness to attendees at EGLX. All groups are dedicated to making a positive impact within their respective communities. Meetings, Workshops, and Activities will be planned throughout the weekend and are open to the public.

Community Groups


Get Well Gamers Canada is a Non-Profit Organization that accepts donated video games and consoles, redistributing them to hospitals, youth centers, and anywhere else gaming can provide a power up across Canada.


‘Gaming For A Cause’ is the Rotary Youth Engagement program of Rotary Club of Mississauga – City Centre. The main objectives are to introduce Rotary International and all Supported Causes to the youth, to raise Rotary awareness for their future life, to build a social environment where these young people can interact with each other for better friendships, develop their skills and passion in a competitive environment while they learn about the latest technology and have fun.


Canadian GameDevs is dedicated to the video games developed in Canada and the people who make them. Fan-funded, we post news, previews, stream, and podcast about games made in Canada from coast to coast.


ComKids helps level the playing field for Grade 7 students who lack consistent access to technology in their home environment. 

ComKids, partnering with local police services and school boards, provides brand-new laptops to qualifying students and delivers workshops focused on the safe use of technology and essential digital skills.


Toronto Gaymers provides safer, inclusive spaces–both physical and virtual–for gaming and geekery, primarily serving the LGBTQ+ community and allies.

DMG Toronto

DMG is a member-based game arts nonprofit supporting gender-marginalized creators. Based out of the Toronto Media Arts Centre, DMG teaches computing skills for artistic expression, offers space to work, demo and play games, and provides financial and community support for the creation of new work.

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