EGLX wouldn’t be possible without the incredible exhibitors that fill up the floor. There’s tons of booths dedicated to shopping, stunning works of art and top-notch game developers at this year’s event. Here are some highlights!

Geek Studio

A returning favourite! If you’re in dire need of adorable enamel pins, quotable buttons and a wide array of other trinkets, look no further.

Pixelnauts Games

Just a bunch of passionate Canadians making quality games, what’s not to love? Check out their booth if you’re down for some charming and beautiful indie titles, including the vibrant space exploration of Lost Orbit: Terminal Velocity.

Misty Mountain Gaming

Tabletop gaming enthusiasts need to make Misty Mountain Gaming a top priority in the marketplace. Intricate dice, leather bound journals and other accessories will be up for sale.


Remember when you could rent new games before purchasing them? Well, that’s not a reality of the past! This time around, Alloodo lets you rent out your own library to other players so you can make some extra cash. Visit them at EGLX to learn more.

Chop Shop Goods

You can never have too much merch. At EGLX 2019, Chop Shop Goods has got you covered. If you can name a game, anime or film, they’ve got a shirt, hoodie or water bottle to match!

Fire and Steel

We all love a game with some great gear, but what if you could wield it all in real life? Returning favourites Fire and Steel will provide that experience! Stop by their booth and be in awe of some impeccable weaponry. They’ve even expanded their product offerings to meet the needs of cosplayers!


As amazing as these exhibitors are, they barely graze the surface. EGLX will have over 100 exhibitors to check out! Get your tickets here: