At EGLX, we believe cosplay goes hand-in-hand with gaming. It’s one of the most creative forms of expression out there, and an excellent way to represent your favourite characters! If you’re as much of a fan of cosplay as we are, we’ve got some great stuff for you at EGLX 2019:

The Cosplay Lounge: It’s all about community. Here, you can mingle with and learn from other peers in the cosplay community, including our incredibly talented cosplay guests! Whether it’s through workshops, demonstrations or challenges, you can come to EGLX to refine your art and have fun doing it.

Excellent cosplay talent: Do you follow others in the cosplay community? Get ready to meet some of your favourite cosplayers at EGLX! Our guests include Dayna the Sloth, Vicky Bunny Angel, Wan Pan Cosplay, Luxlo Cosplay and Dizen Doll! 

Challenges: Get ready to flex your own cosplay abilities! We’ll be holding a DIY cosplay challenge, where teams of 3-5 use creativity, improv and all the materials at their disposal to make something great. In addition, EGLX will be bringing back the Wig Out challenge for the second year in a row!

*Remember, cosplay is NOT consent. Please ask others for permission before taking their photo. If you or someone you know feels uncomfortable, do not hesitate to notify EGLX staff and/or security at the event.


We’re thrilled to have such a huge display of cosplay talent at EGLX 2019. How could you miss out on this? Get your tickets right here!