Enthusiast Gaming to Host EGLX, Canada’s Largest Video Game and Esports Expo October 18-20, 2019 in Toronto and Announces USA Expansion Plan in 2020

TORONTO, March 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Enthusiast Gaming Holdings Inc. (EGLX.V) (EGHIF), (“Enthusiast” or the “Company”),  a gaming company building the largest community of authentic gamers, is excited to announce it has confirmed 2019 dates for the Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo (“EGLX”), Canada’s largest video game expo, in Toronto next fall. Enthusiast will host EGLX on October 18-20, 2019 at the Metro Toronto Convention Center (“MTCC”), downtown Toronto.

Following the success of EGLX 2018, which drew in 55,000 attendees in Toronto, the Company is planning to expand this year’s expo into the North Hall of the MTCC, nearly doubling the floor space to allow for the higher attendance numbers expected.

Esports has always been a central part of EGLX, and the Company is planning to roll out its own Esports tournament series, which will compete with the leading North American pro tournaments. EGLX has previously hosted large-scale Esports competitions in partnership with various organizations, including the World Electronic Sports Games (“WESG”), operated by WorldGaming Network in partnership with Alisports (a division of Alibaba) and Blizzard Entertainment Inc. The Company also partnered with Overactive Media to unveil the Toronto Defiant Esports Overwatch team roster at EGLX 2018, in October. The Company will provide further updates in the coming months.

Menashe Kestenbaum, CEO of Enthusiast commented, “We are really excited about EGLX 2019, and we have some exciting additions in the pipeline for the expo in October 2019. Last year, we had capacity issues and had to stop selling tickets on the Saturday. To avoid any issues this year, we have expanded into the North Hall of the MTCC and plan to have more sponsors and higher attendance numbers.” He added, “We have already seen tremendous growth since we started EGLX in 2015, and in only a few short years we have grown into the largest video game expo in Canada and now have plans to expand into the United States in 2020. Attendees at EGLX 2019 can expect continued growth with more sponsors, more space and a larger focus on Esports and tournaments.”

The company is looking at opportunities to expand EGLX to multiple cities across North America. With the bulk of Enthusiast’s online traffic originating in the US, it’s a logical next step in the expansion process and the Company has already received strong interest from multiple US cities and partners wanting EGLX.  Enthusiast is planning its multi city expansion into the US starting in 2020.