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Media Passes

The Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo (EGLX) media pass is for journalists and other members of the media who regularly cover and write about gaming news, eSports, gaming culture, and other games-related event as their primary role. The media pass is given to those applicants who have shown a need for access to EGLX for professional media purposes, and who meet the criteria set in the media accreditation requirements at the bottom of this page.

Working media from all mediums will be considered. Please note that applying for an EGLX Media Pass does not automatically guarantee you will receive a Media Pass.

PLEASE do not email asking if you can be a festival photographer, this contract is already filled.



All requests must be received no later than October 3, 2019. Approved media will be notified by October 9th, 2019.



Press Releases

So Long 2019, Hellooo 2020!

What a way to cap off the DECADE! All of us at EGLX would like to take a moment to say thank you! Video games are stronger than ever before, and with that, so is our community.  In 2019, EGLX had an...

Ubisoft Is Bringing Hype to EGLX 2019

Ubisoft has some incredible programming coming to EGLX that you won’t want to miss! Demos, competition, a developer panel and more! Here’s some of the best highlights that are waiting for you! Get a...

EGLX 2019 is a Home for the Cosplay Community

At EGLX, we believe cosplay goes hand-in-hand with gaming. It’s one of the most creative forms of expression out there, and an excellent way to represent your favourite characters! If you’re as much...

Media Assets

Download our official media assets for publication. For additional media inquiries contact [email protected].

Media Accreditation Requirements

Please understand that we have a limited number of media passes available. To avoid misunderstandings, all Media passes are NON-TRANSFERABLE. If your pass does not match your ID, the pass will be taken away. Do not lend your pass. Co-workers, camera staff, and other assistants must be pre-registered as media, or need to purchase their own passes. Media passes includes event admittance only. No backstage or VIP access. If your request is approved, a media pass/wristband under your name will be available at the registration area. On-site registration for media will NOT be available at the event.

You must have a confirmed assignment to cover the overall EGLX show. We will not provide credentials for spec photography, freelance writers not on an assignment, or portfolio photographers. If your intention is to come to EGLX to do a story on only one celebrity, sponsor, or exhibitor and not the entire show, you need to be credentialed through that celebrity, sponsor, or exhibitor. You will need to make your own arrangements to meet them once you are onsite. If you are not credentialed through EGLX, you will not have access to the show. We will not credential media for assignments that do not include EGLX as a whole. This includes local media outlets, international media, bloggers, youtubers, and other livestreamers.

Webzine writers and bloggers MUST provide specific information about their site in the description section of the application. Credentials for webzines and bloggers are extremely limited and will be evaluated closely. We do not accept applications for sites with less than one year of publishing and under 100 published news articles/content.

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